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It is a liquid sealant which forms a transparent waterproof layer when it solidifies. By the evaporation of the solvent it contains, it adheres firmly to the surface it is applied, forming a waterproof film.
Usage Areas

It can be used in terrace roofs, domes of mosques, churchs, retaining walls, outside surfaces of buildings, and porous surfaces such as concrete, plasters, alum, bricks, gas concrete, mosaics, etc.

Surfaces can be coated by using fiber glass, geotextile felt.

    It can be used as an undercoat prior to painting plaster surfaces.

It is not approved to be used on paints and on non-porous surfaces such as metal, glass, ceramic, etc.

It is ready to use.
Dries fast.
As a cold-applied material it does not require heating or thinning.
As a transparent material it is decorative as well; it provides a brilliant and vivid appearance.
It is elastic.
By protecting walls from humidity it also provides heat economy.
It protects iron rebar from rust and decay.
It is resistant to acids, bases, and salts. It is protective.
It sustains its superiority between -20°C and +96°C.
Saycoat must be mixed thoroughly prior to application.
It must be applied at least in two coats with a brush, roller, or sprayer onto the porous surfaces prepared appropriately as instructed.
Each coat must be applied at least 2 hours later than the former.
Saycoat is applied to the surface exposed to water.
Although Saycoat dries fast -in as little as 1 hour- it is recommended to wait 24 hours before applying a second coat.
For the applications requiring durability against higher water pressure, it must be reinforced with materials such as fiber glass, geotextile felt, etc.
200-700 g/m2 for two coats.
4,5 kg Metallic case - 140 Pieces / Pallet
16 kg Metallic case - 45 Pieces / Pallet


Ürün Teknik Dökümanları