Невидимые и цветные гидроизоляционные жидкости \ Pur-Wet 5085 Hybrid Polyurethane Liquid Coating

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Hybrid Polyurethane based, single component, readymade, self-spreading water insulation and coating material that does not contain solvents and can be applied on wet surfaces.
Areas of Use
It is applied safely against water and humidity on materials such as concrete, stone, roofing material and metal, in eaves trough, channels and canalettes, terrace roofs, cold storage depots.
Surface Preparation

The application surface must be durable and clean and free of oil. The wetness or humidity of the application surface would not be a problem.

• Can be applied on wet and humid surfaces
• It has excellent adhesive strength on many different surfacessuch as concrete, wood, ceramic, aluminum, glass, steel
and zinc.
• It can be processed and dries fast
• Upon application it forms a seamless, water proof and protective layer
• It can be applied between temperatures of +5°C to +40°C
• It has high adherence power. Does not require the primer coat. Adheres perfectly even on old finishes.
• It is highly resistant against oil, rust and weather conditions. It preserves its initial properties for years to come.
• It is a single component, easy to use elastic material.
• It can form crack bridging.
• It is resistant to sun light due to the fact that it is manufactured of UV resistant resins.
• Due to its sustained elasticity, cracks do not form on the surfaces of application.
• Can be stepped on after being cured (approximately 24 hours).
• It is suitable to contact with potable water.
(ODTÜ Report No.: 2014.03.04.147/01 Report Date : 24.03.2014)
2,8 kg/m2 in two coats.

Net 20 kg Metallic pail - 33 Pieces / Pallet



Ürün Teknik Dökümanları