Гидроизоляция и влажная проверки подвалов изнутри (кирпич, брикет, газовый бетон и т.д. Поверхности)

Waterproofing and Dampproofing Basements from Inside (Brick, Briquette, Gas Concrete, etc. Surfaces)
Basements may be exposed to moisture, and even leakage problems in time due to weak, or deteriorated insulation, or cracking of the walls.
Although it is healthier to insulate from inside, it may not always be possible due to factors such as adjacent buildings or high excavation costs. So they must be insulated from interior surfaces by coating the walls with Emulzer Permo Stop or Emulzer F added plaster.
The walls and/or floors must be plastered all at once, seamlessly, and to avoid cracks, damping the surface carefully and steadily is critical during setting.
In the preparation of Permo Stop added mortar, fresh cement and Permo Stop must be batched first; then sand and agregate, and finally water must be added. The better the batch is prepared, the better is the result. Minimum mortar dosing must be 300 kg/m³.
If Emulzer F is used, it must be mixed with water thoroughly (with the amount of water = 17 x the weight of Emulzer F). The cement batch is mixed with this water to the required consistency. Emulzer F must not be added to ready-mixed mortar.
Paint can be applied onto Emulzer F or Permo Stop added plaster.