Утечка проверки резервуаров для хранения воды изнутри (цементная изоляция)

Leakproofing Water Storage Tanks from Inside (Cement Based Insulation)
Leakages in concrete water storage tanks generally occur in the body of the tank as a result of the non-waterproof characteristic of the concrete used, or at vertical and horizontal seams if the floor/curtain intersections lack appropriate waterstop application.

The first thing to do to fix the problem is to enlarge the joints at the floor/curtain intersections. Then they must be filled with a non-shrink repair mortar, and beveled.

And then the concrete must be fully saturated, and Permo Chim Duo grout prepared as instructed must be applied to the surface. Alkali resistant insulation netting must be pressed onto the grout before the first coat dries up. When the first coat is dry-wet a second coat of grout is applied onto netting for a complete insulation.

The tank should be left to dry up for approximately one week before it can be safely filled with water.