Водонепроницаемые бассейны на этапе строительства изнутри

Waterproofing Pools in the Construction Phase from Inside
Due to too many joints, ceramic type coatings are not sufficient for a complete waterproofing, and it has to be done prior to coating application. Firstly the edges must be filleted by using repair mortar. After having saturated the concrete surface with plenty of water, Permo Chim Duo must be applied with a brush in one coat, and plaster netting must be pressed and adhered before it dries up. When the first coat is semi-wet, second coat of Permo Chim Duo is applied perpendicular to the first coat. The application thickness must be at least 2 mm all over the surface. As soon as Permo Chim Duo dries up, ceramic coating can be applied.