Невидимые и цветные гидроизоляционные жидкости \ Cliolite 5093 - Surface Hardening Impregnation Solution

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it is a styrene acrylic co-polymer based solution used for surface hardening and impregnation.
Usage Areas
It is used on all kinds of concrete surfaces as well as highly absorbent surfaces such as bricks, eternit, plaster panels, polyester, gas concrete and roofing tiles, and on painted surfaces.
It is used on alkali (calcareous) surfaces.
It is used as an undercoat prior to painting.
It is not approved to be used under water pressure, and in underground conditions with high hydrostatic pressure.

•       Adheres perfectly to porous and chalky surfaces.

•       Can be cured free from atmospheric conditions. Allows application in the regions with high humidity or frequent rain fall.

•       It is resistant to acids and alkalies.

•       Has breathability.

•       Self-clean.

•       UV resistant.

•       Allows application in a wide temperature range.

•       Can be applied onto surfaces with little humidity as well.

It can be applied with a brush, roller or pistol.
Cliolite must be mixed thoroughly prior to application.
It must be applied in two coats.
The interval between the application of two coats must be 3-6 hours.
100 gr/m2 for each coat

Net: 200 kg Barrell



Ürün Teknik Dökümanları