Невидимые и цветные гидроизоляционные жидкости \ Pu-Coat II 5060Double-Component Polyurethane Coating

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As a double-component, polyurethane-based, solvent-free waterproofing material in liquid form, it is especially ideal for potable water tanks.
Usage Areas
It is especially developed for waterproofing metallic or concrete water tanks. It can be used on concrete, marble, plaster, stone, wooden, and metallic surfaces as well.
It is used for waterproofing concrete or ceramic coated terraces provided that a UV resistant top coat added.
It is used for providing a waterproof coating resistant to light vehicle traffic and foot traffic.
Because it does not contain any solvent, it can be safely used in closed spaces..
Does not mix with water. (Environment Lab. Report: 01 -09-2006, No: 04130-041 31 ; İSKİ Water Quality Control Management: 21-02-2007)
It is waterproof; protects from corrosion; is resistant to friction, strokes and certain chemicals.
It has strong adherence to the surfaces it is applied.
It is safe; it has no harmful effect on health.
It is very durable.
The surface to be treated must be dry, clean, and free from dust, dirt, rust, and grease.
All the hardener contained in the little pail is mixed with all the main component contained in the big pail to a homogenous consistency.
The mixture must be consumed within 30-45 minutes; otherwise it will lose its workability due to jelling. It must be applied at least in two coats, and each coat must be applied 6 hours later than the preceding coat.
If this interval exceeds 24 hours, the first coat must be sandpapered prior to the application of the other coat.
After the application the surface must be protected from rain and water exposure for at least 2-3 hours. It can be applied with a brush or roller.
In floor coating application dry sand must be added to Pucoat II.
Application temperature must be between +5°C and +30°C.
Technical Properties
Density : 1,55 (±0,05) g/cm3 (Comp. A)
1,10 (±0,05) g/cm3 (Comp. B)
1,45 (±0,05) g/cm3 (Comp.A+B)
Pot Life : 30 -45 minutes (20°C)
Setting Time : Touch: 6 hours
Bone-dry: 24 hours
Thermal Resistance : (-10°C) - (+85°C)
Abrassion Resistance : 85 mg (TS EN 5470-1)
CO2 Permeability : 808,63 m (TS EN 1062-6)
Water Vapour Permeability : 7.116 m (TS EN ISO 7783:2011)
Water Permeability : 0,002 kg/m3.h0.5 (TS EN 1062-3)
Bond Strenght By Pull-Off : 2,1 N-mm2 (TS EN 1542)

600 g/m2 minimum for one coat, and it must be applied in two coats minimum.


Avaible as a 5 kg + 1 kg - 60 Sets / Pallet
or 20 kg + 4 kg set - 20 Sets / Pallet


Ürün Teknik Dökümanları