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As an asphalt and solvent-free superior waterproofing material, Beyazcoat is applied in liquid form, and upon setting, it becomes a very elastic, impermeable, seamless, and durable coating. fiber Added Beyazcoat is reinforced with strengthening fibres.
Usage Areas
Beyazcoat can be used for waterproofing and damp-proofing a wide range of building materials such as concrete, plaster, brick, glazed tile, cement brick, gas concrete, wood, galvanize, iron sheet and zinc.
It can be safely used on all vertical and horizontal surfaces made of these materials; on roofs and terraces; for repairing window frames, drip moldings, water ducts, eaves, raindrips, strainers and chimney bottoms.
Beyazcoat is fully impermeable.
Beyazcoat is a highly durable, inflammable, tar, asphalt and solvent-free waterproof sealant. It can be tinted and is resistant to sunlight.
It is very easy to apply, and as a semi-fluid material it works very good even on the hardest-to-cover surfaces.
It is elastic. Its elongation is up to 300% at 1 to 1,5mm thickness.
It has perfect adherence to all types of building materials.
Its elasticity is resistant to temperature changes.
It is resistant to light chemicals and UV rays.
Its microporosity provides breathability for the surfaces.
Thanks to biocids, it inhibits bacteria and mildew growth.
As a decorative material, it is produced in white, but it can be easily tinted by using tube colorants which are easily available in the market.

•      Depending on the condition of the surface, Beyazcoat, 1:1 diluted with water, is applied as an undercoat, and over this undercoat Elyafli Beyazcoat is applied at least in two coats without thinning.

•       Each coat must be applied after 24 hours maximum, and each application must be vertical to former application.

•       Beyazcoat requires a protective topcoat when it is applied to water storage tanks, or any surfaces exposed to foot traffic or other mechanical strokes.

0,750 kg/m2 in vertical application and 1,5 kg/m2 in horizontal application.
4,5 kg Pail - 80 Pieces / Pallet
19 kg Pail - 33 Pieces / Pallet


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