Sealants and Joint Fillers \ Emülderz Ray 2011 - Bituminous Joint Filler

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It is an elastomeric, bitumen-based, hot-applied filling paste especially used for filling joint gaps in rails.
Usage Areas

•      At level crossings, it prevents water and other subtances from entering into the joint gaps in rails.

•       It is used for reducing vibration caused by the traffic over the rails.


•      It considerably increases the durability of the rail bearing.

•     It decreases the vibration of the rails as well as its negative impact on the buildings all around.

•       It is very elastic. It maintains its elasticity between -20° C and +100° C.

•       It is offered in a very practical cardboard packaging.


•      If you use a boiler you should first fill the half of it, heat it up to approximately 160°C, and allow Emülderz to melt, and then you can add the remaining amount.

•       If you decrease the temperature, the product reaches an excessive consistency, loses its flowability and cannot fill the joint gaps properly.

•       If the product is overheated, that is up to temperatures over 180°C or if it is heated up and cooled back for a few times it will be segregated and spoiled, and cannot be recovered.

•       During heating up process the product is stirred occasionally and after having reached the appropriate consistency, it is poured into joint gaps.

•       The surface treated will be ready to use after approximately 1 hour.

1,3 kg /dm3
20 kg easy-to-separate Cardboard box
48 Boxes / Pallet


Ürün Teknik Dökümanları